Monday, 10 July 2017


On a misty and damp Saturday in June (the 24th to be precise) - we attempted what hadn't been tried before in our Guild... a mini-retreat of sorts - a midnight madness sew-in*!

* A midnight madness sew-in: Much like a regular sew in, only with HUGE attendance, many many generous donations of snacks, rollicking rounds of Left Centre Right, a coffee maker, a pizza party, some swimming... so - really like the most epic of sew-ins.

It may have been the perfect day to hold this sew in, as it was quite rainy. No one in attendance mentioned they'd rather be home in the yard. We scheduled our fun from 10 am till midnight! Although, I estimate the last stitch was sewn around 11:15 and we were cleaned up and gone by 11:40. We quilters are efficient and precise, even with our scheduled fun.

A very special thanks goes out to Pat - who surprised us mid afternoon with a Build Your Own Banana Split Ice Cream Bar!
How CUTE is this?!?! Thank you Pat - we love you!

If you follow the Guild on other social media platforms - you'll find a TONNE of pictures from the day if you search for the hashtag #midnightmadnesssewin and so for now, I'll leave you with a few I managed to capture in between working on a special secret sewing project, and snacking like it was my job. The food! Behold...

These babies showed up close to the evening when Caitlin arrived! MMM! Baileys Icing...

It was a PACKED house, and busy like a beehive. 

It's possible everyone had the same idea - come early and get a spot! Very rarely do we have so many people at sew in before lunch time.

Down to the wire in this round of Left Centre Right - beware the winning fist of Linda! 

The stakes were high and the excitement was palpable. Yes, we get that excited about 2.75 square foot pieces of fabric.
The reason I didn't take as many pictures as normal... I actually sewed! Well, cut, mostly.
And this Custom Cutie that Jeanette was working on - a baby quilt with a really sweet story.

Amanda had a lovely Quilt as you Go piece underway - what a bright, summery pile!

The final few. Winding down a wonderful day.

Another ENORMOUS thank you to everyone involved in supporting this event. The families who gave up their quilters and took care of everything at home and beyond, the bringers of snacks, the lenders of supplies, providers of prizes and vaccumers(?) of threads! It was an immense success and perhaps, will become an annual event.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for coverage of our July meeting (coming up on Thursday!) and sew-in later in the month. Hope you enjoyed the Midnight madness re-cap!

Friday, 9 June 2017

MMQG 2017 Executive Challenge Voting

Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard on their entries to the MMQG Executive Challenge this year. Words on quilts are a HUGE thing on the internet. And, they are super cool in person.

The theme was Word Play - and there were 12 completed entries that met the criteria:
-must be a finished, quilted item (pieced, quilted and bound)
-must be at least 12" x 12" in size
-must not depict only words that are made of single letters (I, A)

Update: June 21 @ 9:00pm 

BIG thank you to everyone who cast their votes and encouraged others to do the same.

In order of greatest number of votes - the top 5 entries in the Word Play Challenge are as follows:

1st Place: Anja "On My Honour" - 26 votes
2nd Place: Crystal "Too Young/Too Old" - 23 Votes
3rd Place: Adrienne "Plus Size" - 21 Votes
4th Place: Jennifer "Sew Day" - 16 votes
5th Place: Karen "Canada 150" - 13 Votes

Overall, 121 votes were cast!

Thanks fans, followers and friends!

Come Fly Away - Joan
What's Up Chicken Butt - Caitlin

Sew Day - Jennifer

Faith Hope Love - Barb K

Plus Size - Adrienne

Euclid - Andrea T J

Stitch - Valerie

Canada 150 - Karen

Too Old/Too Young - Crystal

Girls are Strong - Barb F
On my Honour - Anja

Grist for the Mill - Mary

The poll will close in 10 days, on June 19 2019 at 11:59pm Atlantic Time. The winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

There are some SWEET prizes up for grabs:

Thank you to our 2017 Executive Challenge Sponsors: Atlantic Fabrics, JN Harper Fabrics, and Craftsy!

p.s don't try to cheat and stuff the ballot box, I'll know. Santa is watching. šŸ˜‰

-Social Media Sarah

Monday, 5 June 2017

MMQG May 2017 Sew In - A Small But Mighty Crew

On the misty 27th of May, we gathered at our usual sew in space. Over the course of the day - 11 of us stopped in to say a quick hello or to stitch a little.

Pillows were on the menu for Crystal and Adrienne, and Ann had a cute pillow cover too!
Crystal and her Hedgie Crew. Lucky Teachers of her Big Kid!

Ann is on the string block train - and here is a pillow cover that came out as a result!

Adrienne in the zone - it was a word quilt and pillow party in advance of Dartmouth Makers with #seamwork

 Take a look at this beauty that is almost done, by Julie. We had a little quilting consult and can't wait to see the finished product!
The quilting and binding are really going to make this Sugar Free Quilted Designs pattern pop!

Julie had plans for a luscious colour-blocked binding, to compliment her daughters graduation quilt.

 And of course, I made some more hexagons.

For what purpose? Because look how teeny they are! :)

And I tried to lure more quilters by posting this big juicy selvedge up for grabs on the Insta - claimed by Jennifer!
Those who like their selvedges, like them a lot.

 And we even got some sneak peak-age of the Executive Challenge entries from two of our fine members - they will all be revealed after Thursday night!
P is for Pink - and many other things. 

Did someone say that emoji is hand appliqued? šŸ˜

And, Jen is the best teacher ever - handmade individualized drawstring bags for her kidlets for a year end prezzie.

Hope you stay tuned for our big REVEAL AND VOTING for the Executive Challenge later this week - "Word Play".

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

MMQG May 2017 Meeting: a Poppyprint Trunk Show with Krista Hennebury

On May 11 we gathered in our usual meeting space, a little earlier than normal.

We were excited! "What would she bring?" we wondered. "Will we get to snuggle the quilts?"
But of course, we sure did. We had over 75 POUNDS of quilts to look at and cuddle, during our special Trunk Show with the lovely and talented Krista Hennebury of Poppyprint.

Krista's time with us represented the end of the whirlwhind #maritimepoppyprint2017 tour, wrapping up three weeks spent with different guilds in different places on the east coast of Canada - and a quick nip to France!

It was a packed house with 23 members and 3 guests who came to see what Krista had to share. We were also treated with the opportunity to buy patterns and Krista's book: Make It, Take It: 16 Cute and Clever Projects to Sew With Friends. My personal favorite is the needle book that has POCKETS so you can stash your needle packages and remember exactly what size top-stitch needles you may have purchased. Not that anyone ever forgets these things... šŸ˜†

We started the evening off with a little presentation from Krista called "Modern Quilting: What's it all about?" A great review of the things that make a quilt modern. For those already familiar with the concept gained knowledge of some pioneering designers and quilt artists who really built the foundation of the modern quilting movement. It was a real treat to see photos of some of the Gee's Bend quilts, where you can see the pocket outlines in the stripes. The first modern quilts were made of field clothes and old dresses, end cuts and scraps from the corduroy pillowcases made for Sears Roebuck by the Freedom Quilting Bee collaborative for some time in the 1970's.

The modern quilt is made to be loved, sat on, washed and dried, thrown in the car, taken on road trips, and picnic-ed upon, taken to school by grown and growing up kids, and gifted to newlyweds - always carried around by, and wrapped around, the people who love them.

Now, the trunk show. As Krista described the stories behind some of her pieces, you could hear a pin drop. Krista's work is absolutely infused with colour, life and love.

Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking:
We were excited to get going, after a few updates from Crystal.

It was kind of neat to talk about the digital influence on quilting, when I was documenting the meeting on Instagram!

The photos were taken at a Gee's Bend exhibit in Toronto. Note the pocket outlines on the denim.

A visual representation, by Krista, of the decision in the USA to allow same sex marriage.
The "wonky piano keys" technique, we learned in the Speed Date with Improv workshop the following Sunday.

This is where Krista's Magic Happens! :)

One of Krista's fave early pieces.

A quilt to remind Krista and her family of her mother in law.

All selvedges, all the time!

Some adorable minis!

And a pear runner.

Many of us were touched by the story of the Cutting Garden - and many of us went home with the pattern.

The Light Of May - the quilt so nice, she quilted it twice! Krista says the entire sordid tale is on her blog.

This quilt got Krista some major traction in the Modern Quilting world - rightfully so! Such a cool visual.

Pillow covers that look a little Nordic.

Improv! We love it. Quilted in the Wonky Waffle!

difficult to photograph, easy to fawn over in person!

The Lone Star. This is strip pieced - no Y seams!

This quilt hung at Quilt Con

Some of the darling projects from Make It, Take It - and the books themselves!

Perusing the wares Krista had to share with us.

We love the text element in this modified Dresden 

The quilting!

And great big hand stitching. Beautiful.

Quarter Round - our Saturday Class with Krista.

a Macaron pattern - with a neat trick for cutting/assembly!

Just vibrant.

Fingers for scale - check out those teeny checkers! 

Oakshott Cottons - so vivid!

The cutest little needle book.

And we just couldn't get enough of that text!

Hoping that even if you weren't there in person - this post will provide a taste of the wonderful evening we had with Krista.

Have you got a favorite Poppyprint pattern? We'd love to know!