Monday, 10 July 2017


On a misty and damp Saturday in June (the 24th to be precise) - we attempted what hadn't been tried before in our Guild... a mini-retreat of sorts - a midnight madness sew-in*!

* A midnight madness sew-in: Much like a regular sew in, only with HUGE attendance, many many generous donations of snacks, rollicking rounds of Left Centre Right, a coffee maker, a pizza party, some swimming... so - really like the most epic of sew-ins.

It may have been the perfect day to hold this sew in, as it was quite rainy. No one in attendance mentioned they'd rather be home in the yard. We scheduled our fun from 10 am till midnight! Although, I estimate the last stitch was sewn around 11:15 and we were cleaned up and gone by 11:40. We quilters are efficient and precise, even with our scheduled fun.

A very special thanks goes out to Pat - who surprised us mid afternoon with a Build Your Own Banana Split Ice Cream Bar!
How CUTE is this?!?! Thank you Pat - we love you!

If you follow the Guild on other social media platforms - you'll find a TONNE of pictures from the day if you search for the hashtag #midnightmadnesssewin and so for now, I'll leave you with a few I managed to capture in between working on a special secret sewing project, and snacking like it was my job. The food! Behold...

These babies showed up close to the evening when Caitlin arrived! MMM! Baileys Icing...

It was a PACKED house, and busy like a beehive. 

It's possible everyone had the same idea - come early and get a spot! Very rarely do we have so many people at sew in before lunch time.

Down to the wire in this round of Left Centre Right - beware the winning fist of Linda! 

The stakes were high and the excitement was palpable. Yes, we get that excited about 2.75 square foot pieces of fabric.
The reason I didn't take as many pictures as normal... I actually sewed! Well, cut, mostly.
And this Custom Cutie that Jeanette was working on - a baby quilt with a really sweet story.

Amanda had a lovely Quilt as you Go piece underway - what a bright, summery pile!

The final few. Winding down a wonderful day.

Another ENORMOUS thank you to everyone involved in supporting this event. The families who gave up their quilters and took care of everything at home and beyond, the bringers of snacks, the lenders of supplies, providers of prizes and vaccumers(?) of threads! It was an immense success and perhaps, will become an annual event.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for coverage of our July meeting (coming up on Thursday!) and sew-in later in the month. Hope you enjoyed the Midnight madness re-cap!