Friday 11 April 2014

April Meeting and Show and Tell

April Meeting

Last night, at our April Meeting, we enjoyed an information session with Sarah Lyon, Director of Philanthropy at the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia and also a confirmed social media geek (her words!)  Sarah shared her Power Point presentation on how social media will help our guild to grow with lots of statistics and hints.  Thank You Sarah, it was a learning experience for us and we thoroughly enjoyed your talk.  Because we "are makers", our wonderful Adrienne whipped up an awesome cushion to present to Sarah as a little thank you. 
Sarah Lyon showing her new cushion
                                                      Here is our Show and Tell

Adrienne's Giant Star .
Anja's little quilt made with leftovers from another project.  Too cute!
Another strip quilt by Anja. 

Adrienne's  gorgeous  "Summer Tracks" 
Linda with her "Soul Searching" quilt top waiting to be quilted.  A scrapbuster.

This is Jenn's latest amazing project...can you guess what it will be?  I will tell you at the end of this post.
A very springy, modern quilt by Sandra

Jeanette's sweet cosmetic bags.  She is getting ready for her sale at the East Coast Momma Collective sale later this month.

Jenn's new quilt is a hockey rink!  Isn't it just wonderful. Can't wait to see it all finished.   I know a few boys, big and small, who would love a quilt like this.

New members are very welcome! We would love to have you join us. 


  1. So many awesome projects! Your giant star turned out awesome Adrienne! Can't wait to read the blog post about it :) And Jenn's version of OCD's hockey rink is looking great too! I had no idea Linda was making a quilt like my bee quilt :)

  2. Great selection of pieces! Thanks for posting so faithfully - I love keeping up with your guild!