Sunday, 9 November 2014

F.U.N. with F.M.Q

Oh yes, we had fun!  5 awesome MMQG members arrived at Linda's house for a day of skill-building and problem-solving.  The object of the day was to take the fear out of free-motion quilting and getting comfortable with your sewing machine so that successful quilting is achieved.
Here's a few photos of how well everyone did with their first attempts and there were promises made to practice, practice, practice!

Barb learned a lot about her new machine and ended up making some wonderful designs. 

Some serious quilting going on here

Shauna practicing her loopy hearts on paper first.

Tracy had a bit of a struggle with her bobbin but all was well in the end. 

Val caught on very quickly and produced some wonderful stitching.

Susan's hearts and stars

Tracy is a natural!

Shauna gets more and more confident.

Val is very creative! 

Pretty good for a first attempt!

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  1. Way to go ladies! Fun and FMQ don't go together in my quilty world, but I love seeing what others can do :)