Wednesday, 8 March 2017

MMQG February 2017 Sew In - ReCap

If it seemed as though you hadn't heard from us in a long time - you're right!

Our February meeting got canned on account of terrible weather, and so we went right from our Record Breaking January Sew In to our February Sew In. Over the course of the day, we saw 17 happy faces come to visit and sew. It was so nice to see everyone!

Here's a look at some of the beauties (and the set ups) being sewn on that mild and misty Saturday a few weeks ago.

A quilter needs fuel, you know.
Behold, Sarah's rats nest... Creative people are messy, right?
This could even be considered the "before" picture! :)

Shelly's first Sew In in a little while, she brought her "rescued" featherweight!
All Shelly's gear fits in a neat tote - a beauty to behold :)

Sweet triangles from Julia. Love the warm peachy coral shades.

Sandra was hard at work putting her modern dots charm pack to good use.

Cathy was really industrious and finished more than one work of art that day.

These became the sweetest zip pouches, doesn't Jeanette choose the best fabrics?!?

A very orderly beginning to a Lepidoptera, perhaps?

This is how Sarah rolls now - Santa brought a rolling toolbox!
Inspired by how Aimee has been carting her machine and gear around for a while,
Santa took note of the Amazon wish list.

How could we forget - a beautiful gem by Andrea.

We hope you have been doing some seriously enjoyable stitching, and would love to see what you're working on! We love visitors at our Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Facebook Page and on our Instagram account.

Thanks for checking in - our March meeting is tomorrow night and we have much to catch up on due to February's cancellation. Retreat updates (29 DAYS YAY!) and programs a plenty. The recap will soon follow! Happy sewing!

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  1. Looks as though everyone got right to work, no hanky panky! Wonderful projects!