Tuesday 26 November 2013

Changes to First Meeting Location

So I had great plans for a space for our first meeting, but the space is not working for video conference so I have had to make a last minute change. I work for VON Canada and they have graciously allowed us to use their boardroom for the meeting. Here are the details:

VON Canada Eastern Region - Halifax Shopping Center | 7001 Mumford Road | Tower 1 | Suite 300
To find Tower One at the mall - go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop (you're welcome) and go down the hallway, there are glass doors leading to a hallway on your left, go to the elevators and come up to the third floor. The reception desk will not be open, so call me on my phone and I will come and let you in (please message me for my phone number).

Date & Time:
Wednesday November 27th - 7-9 pm

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Can't wait to meet you!

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