Tuesday, 25 August 2015

MMQGPE award winning members

Two of our members entered modern quilts into the 2015 Provincial
Exhibition held at Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown as part of the Old Home Week activities.  The show was coordinated by the PEI Women's Institute. 

 Heather entered 4 modern quilts/quilty items and Roberta entered two modern quilts/quilty items in various
categories and they all won ribbons!  WhooHoo!  It was fabulous to see
modern quilts recognized amongst all the fabulous entries in the show.
Roberta also had other quilts in the show.

Heather's quilts and cushion included: High Tea - Memories of
Airbourne at Eastbourne, Spikes on Fire Hazel, Descending into
Gobblygook and Marsala Hazel. 

Congratulations to Heather and Roberta!  

Here are Heather's award winning entries

 Roberta entered a cushion she made for her
daughter, an optometrist,as a Christmas gift.  The fabric is
certainly representative of her chosen profession!

And one block wonder quilt

awesome pieced back

For more information on all the categories and winners, please go to:

Might be an idea for PEI MMQG members to start thinking about next year's
show and perhaps the WI PEI may have modern quilt categories in the
future. wink wink


  1. congratulations to you both!

  2. Such luscious eye candy! Congrats to the winners!